Peter Toon, born in 1939 in Yorkshire, England, is an Anglican theologian and author. He is a graduate of King's College, London, and Christ Church, Oxford, with a Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford. He was ordained in the Church of England in 1973. He has taught theology in both England and America, and has also been a visiting professor and guest lecturer at a variety of seminaries and universities in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Dr. Toon has been a parish priest and is in demand as a visiting preacher and lecturer. He has published over thirty books and has served as Vice President and President of the Prayer Book Society of the U.S.A.

Selected publications

  • God's Statesman: Life and Work of John Owen (1972) ISBN 0853641331
  • Heaven and hell: A biblical and theological overview (1986) ISBN 0840759673
  • Born Again: A Biblical and Theological Study of Regeneration (1987) ISBN 0801088852
  • Meditating As a Christian: Waiting upon God (1991) ISBN 0005991897
  • Our Triune God: A Biblical Portrayal of the Trinity (1996) ISBN 157383226X
  • Genuine godliness & true piety: Worshipping God in faith, hope and love (2000) ISBN 0967763517
  • The End of Liberal Theology: Contemporary Challenges to Evangelical Orthodoxy (1995) ISBN 0891078339
  • Puritans, the Millennium and the Future of Israel: Puritan Eschatology 1600 to 1660 (2002) ISBN 0227171454
  • Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity in the Leading of the 7 Ecumenical Councils (1996) ISBN 1886412057

Online works

External links

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