Styles of
Peter Paul Brennan
Mitre (plain)
Reference style The Most Reverend
Spoken style Your Excellency
Religious style Bishop
Posthumous style not applicable

Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan, DD, Prime Bishop, Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America is a father and a grandfather. He married Marie Kirby, his late wife of forty years, in 1968. He has three adult children and five grandchildren. Brennan was ordained a priest in 1972 and a bishop in 1978, and is a long time leader in the married priest movement. He is the Prime-Bishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America, and the titular Archbishop of Jerpoint-Cashel, the President of the Married Priests Now! Catholic Prelature, and Primate of the Order of Corporate Reunion. Brennan was consecrated sub conditione as a Roman Catholic bishop by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo in 2006. Brennan is also a member of FCM and CORPUS. He was a charter member of FCM and was one of the committee that established the commissioning (certification) process for FCM and was in its first certification class with Bill Manseau and Gerry Grudzen. He retired after 35 years of service in the NYC High Schools as a teacher, Chairman of the English Department and administrator and is now in full time ministry. He attended seminary at St. John's Atonement Seminary, St. Pius X Seminary, St. Bernard's Seminary, and Immaculate Conception Seminary. He also studied at New York University, Hofstra University, Brooklyn College, New York Theological Seminary and George Mercer School of Theology. His degrees are from St. Pius X Seminary, Manhattan College and St. John's University. He holds an DHL honoris causa from the European-American University for his work in Church Unity and Ecumenism.

Peter Paul Brennan is the bishop of the The Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of the Americas (an independent Catholic Church), bishop of The African Orthodox Church, Primate of the Order of Corporate Reunion.

Archbishop Brennan is a well respected bishop who has been supporting the married priests movement in the Roman Catholic Church for more than forty years. He has worked with CORPUS and the Federation of Christian Ministries and with Married Priests USA to call for a married priesthood within the Latin Rite Church. His episcopal ordination by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, is valid. The Church, in a carefully worded statement has declared: "While expressing hope for their conversion, the Church reaffirms what was declared on 26 September 2006, namely that she does not recognize these ordinations, nor does she intend to recognize them, or any subsequent ordinations based on them, in the future. Hence the canonical status of the supposed bishops remains as it was prior to the ordination conferred by Archbishop Milingo."[1]


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