Periphetes (pronounced:/ˌpɛrɨˈfiːtiːz/; Greek: Περιφήτης) is the name of several characters from Greek mythology.

The most prominent Periphetes, also known as Corynetes or the Club-Bearer, was a son of Hephaestus and Anticleia. Periphetes was lame in one leg, like his father and had one eye like a Cyclops. He roamed the road from Athens to Troezen where he robbed travellers and killed them with his bronze club. Theseus killed him by tricking him into giving him the club to check if it really were bronze. Theseus then bashed him in the head and killed him. [1][2][3]

Other figures of this name were:

  • Periphetes, the son of Copreus; he was killed during the Trojan War by Hector.[4]
  • Periphetes, a Trojan who was killed by Teucer.[5]
  • Periphetes, son of Nyctimus and father of Parthaon.[6]
  • Periphetes, king of Mygdonia. He fought with Sithon for the hand of the latter's daughter Pallene and was killed.[7]


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