Per Ericson (1965-2007) was a Swedish journalist and author with a background in the Moderate Party. He became well known as an editorial writer at Svenska Dagbladet, where he was a lone voice of the right in criticizing the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union and the Iraq War.

As a student, Ericson was an active member of Heimdal, then a member organization in the Confederation of Swedish Conservative and Liberal Students, and a member of the student union council representing the student party Fria Studenter. In 1993, Ericson was editor in chief of Confederation of Swedish Conservative and Liberal Students' journal Svensk Linje.[1] In 1998, Ericson partnered with Per Bylund and Thord Swedenhammar to found the anarchist web site

Ericson has authored a number of books, among them Living Free and Living Well (Template:Lang-sv) (1999), in which he argued for a value-founded classical liberalism based in neo-Aristotelian philosophy. He has called himself "cave liberal" and "conservative anarchist," and was influenced by anarcho-capitalist writers such as Murray Rothbard as well as Catholicism. He criticized former Archbishop of Sweden K.G. Hammar and the Church of Sweden from a traditional Christian perspective and converted to Catholicism on 5 April 2006.



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sv:Per Ericson

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