The Penis Plant, also known as the Penis Cactus, is a monstrose form of Echinopsis lageniformis. This plant is more commonly referred to as Trichocereus bridgesii, even though the current scientific name is Echinopsis. Contrary to the typical columnar habit of the species, this cultivar displays short stem sections that branches avidly, forming a low spiny bush. The upper part of each stem segment is smooth and spineless, resembling a penis from a grown man. The lower part is spiny and shows a tendency to form ribs. The plant is of light green colour.

The German name for this cultivar, Frauenglück, is more euphemistic than its English equivalent; it translates as "Women's luck


The chemical composition of E. lageniformis 'Penis Plant' is allegedly the same as that of the typical form of the species, containing mescaline, and perhaps other psychedelic phenethylamines.


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