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Pedro Rubiano Sáenz
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Pedro Rubiano Sáenz (born September 13, 1932) is a Cardinal and Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bogotá in the Roman Catholic Church.

Early life and ordination

Born in Cartago, Colombia, Rubiano Sáenz studied at the seminary in Popayán before his being ordained as a priest on 8 July 1956.

Bishop and Archbishop

In 1971, he was named Bishop of Cúcuta, raised to Coadjutor Archbishop of Cali in 1983 and rose to become Archbishop of Bogotá in 1994. From 1990 to 1996, he chaired the Colombian Bishops' Conference.


Pope John Paul II proclaimed Rubiano Sáenz Cardinal-Priest of Trasfigurazione di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo in the consistory of February 21, 2001. In 2002, he was elected president of the Colombian Episcopal Conference, and he was one of the cardinal electors who participated in the 2005 papal conclave that elected Pope Benedict XVI.



Cardinal Rubiano Sáenz has pleaded with pro-lifers worldwide to join in a massive prayer effort to stop abortion from being legalized in the country. [1] He has warned that the procedure leads to an automatic excommunication. [2]

Colombian President

Cardinal Pedro Rubiano Saenz of Bogota has expressed the wish that conservative President Alvaro Uribe should not run for re-election in 2010. [3]

Chavez and FARC rebels

Cardinal Rubiano Saenz has said that the intervention by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is not necessary for achieving an agreement over the exchange of prisoners with the Marxists rebel group FARC. [4]

Preceded by
Mario Revollo Bravo
Archbishop of Bogotá
27 December 1994–incumbent
Succeeded by

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