Pearlism is a belief similar to atheism, but is a positive belief instead of a lack.


Pearlism derives from the respective abbreviation (Physical Evidence And Reasoned Logic). It has many similarities to atheism (many Pearlists are atheists). One major belief is the 3 basal assumptions.

  • The universe is real.
  • We can learn of the universe.
  • A model of the universe with predictive ability is better than one without.

In this context, Pearlism would be the vivid green section to the right.

There is also a large amount of emphasis on the scientific method.

Another major difference between Pearlism and atheism is the fact that atheism is more solid and definitive, while Pearlism will change to suit the evidence. For example, if proof of a god were provided, atheism would stay lacking in a belief in a god (that is it's position), while Pearlism would become theistic.


Pearlism originated in 2009 when popular YouTuber Thunderf00t stated his Pearlism over athiesm.[1] Over the years Pearlism gained popularity, and reached the thousands by 2013.



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