Paulose Mar Athanasius was Metropolitan of the Diocese of Angamaly in the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church.[1] He was canonised as a saint of the Syriac Orthodox Church in 2004.[2]

Kadavil Paulose Mar Athanasious entrusted Kochu Paulose Ramban(Kuttikkattil Paulose Mar Athanasious) the responsibility of completing the construction of seminary building. Within the next three years the seminary which is now known as Thrikkunnathu Seminary, was opened. Later when Kochu Paulose Ramban was ordained Metropolitan and assumed the charge of Ankamali diocese, he expanded the Seminary building again. It was he who brought many people to Alwaye from nearby villages and gave them land to construct houses around the seminary.

After serving the Church in Malankara for more than four decades, he died on 25 January 1953 at the age of 84.

Athanasiusis remembered by the Malankara Church with great veneration. Valiya Thirumeni loved his people and defended them until his last, leaving behind him a magnificent legacy. He dedicated his entire life for the cause of the Church and the society. People revere him as a saintly father; he is the pride of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church. Fifty one years after his demise, on 19 August 2004, the Church beatified Mor Athanasius Paulose.


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