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Saint Paulinus of Trier
Bishop of Augusta Treverorum and Bishop of Trier
Born Gascony, France
Died 358, Phrygia, in nowadays Turkey
Venerated in Roman Catholicism
Feast August 31
Controversy Arianism

Saint Paulinus of Trier (died 358) was bishop of Trier and a supporter of Athanasius in the conflict with Arianism. At the Synod of Arles of 353 he was isolated among Arians, and was exiled, to Phrygia[1], being effectively singled out by the Emperor Constantius II[2][3]. He died in exile.[4]

Paulinus was from Gascony and educated in the cathedral school at Poitiers[5]. He travelled to Germany with Maximin of Trier, whom he succeeded as bishop. He is a Catholic and Orthodox saint (feast day August 31).[6]


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