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This is a list of the Patriarchs of Grado (north-eastern Italy). The patriarchate came into being when the schismatic Patriarch of Aquileia, Paulinus (557-569), moved to Grado in the mid 6th century. But in their reunion with Rome in 606, a rival office was set up in Aquileia. Aquileia later entered communion with Rome but was able to keep its independence and title from Grado. In 1451 the see of Grado was merged with Castello to form the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice.

Patriarchs of Grado

  • Paulinus I 557-569
  • Probinus 569-570
  • Elia 571-586
  • Severus 586-606

a schism cause the creation of the Patriarchate of Aquileia in 606

In 1451 the Patriarchate of Grado was merged with the Bishopric of Castello and Venice to form the Archdiocese of Venice.


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