Photios II (or Fotios II) was Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 7 October 1929 until 26 December 1935.


He was born in 1874. His real name was Dimitrios Maniatis. After finishing elementary education he attended Zarifeio High school in Filippoupolis. He studied Theology at the Athens University and Philosophy at the University of Munich. Spoke Greek, Turkish, French, German and Bulgarian. In 1902 he was named deacon. He remained in the Metropolis of Filippoupolis where he reached the rank of Protosygkellos. Then was named Patriarchal Exarch of Filippoupolis for the period 1906-1914. In 1915 were elected assistant bishop of Eirinoupolis. On 7 October 1929 was elected Ecumenical Patriarch and assigned to his post on the same day. During his Patriarchy the relations between Greece and Turkey improved thanks to the political actions of Venizelos and Ataturk. The patriarch Fotios II died on 29 December 1935.

Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Basil III
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by
Benjamin I

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