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Philotheos Kokkinos (Thessaloniki c. 1300 – Constantinople 1379) was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople for three periods from November 1353 to 1354, 1354, and 1364 to 1376. He was appointed patriarch in 1353 by the emperor John VI Kantakouzenos, deposed by John V Palaiologos in 1354 and then restored by Patriarch Callistus I of Constantinople.

During the third tenure starting from 1364, Philotheos opposed the emperor John V in his intent to negotiate with Pope Urban V and Pope Gregory XI.

Preceded by
Kallistos I
Kallistos I
Kallistos I
Patriarch of Constantinople
1353 – 1354
1364 – 1376
Succeeded by
Kallistos I
Kallistos I

ca:Filoteu Cocciru:Филофей (Патриарх Константинопольский)

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