Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa
Kritopoulos 1589-1639.JPG
Metrophanes Kritopoulos
Church Eastern Orthodox Church
See Alexandria
Enthroned 1636
Reign ended 1639
Predecessor Gerasimus Ι
Successor Nicephorus
Personal details
Birth name Metrophanes Kritopoulos
Born ca. 1589
Veria, Ottoman Empire
Died 30 May 1639
Wallachia, Ottoman Empire
Occupation Theology, Greek literature, and philosophy

Mêtrophanês Kritopoulos, sometimes Critopoulos, Critopoulus, Kritopulus (Greek: Μητροφάνης Κριτόπουλος, ca. 1589–30 May 1639)[1] was a Greek[2] monk and theologian who served as Greek Patriarch of Alexandria between 1636 and 1639.


Metrophanes Kritopoulos was a Greek[3][4] born in Veria Macedonia in 1589. Originally a monk on Mount Athos, he was a close associate of Cyril Lucaris. He studied at the University of Oxford in England and in Germany. He traveled to Europe and mingled with the greatest scholars and theologians of his day. He made Orthodoxy known in the West and was particularly concerned with the problem of unifying the Orthodox Church with the churches of Western Europe[5]. He taught Greek in Vienna (1627 - 1630). He was elected patriarch of Alexandria on 1636, where he put together an important library. He died in Wallachia on 1639.


Metrophanes Kritopoulos in 1627


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Preceded by
Gerasimus I
Greek Patriarch of Alexandria
Succeeded by
bg:Митрофан Критопулос

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