Icon 02044 Patriarh Ioakim Moskovskij 1620-1690. Neizv. hud. XVII v. Rossiya

Patriarch Joachim of Moscow (1620-1690).


Old Believer Priest Nikita Pustosviat Disputing with Patriarch Joachim on Matters of Faith. Painting by Vasily Perov (1880).

Patriarch Joachim (Russian: Иоахим) (1620—March 17, 1690) was the eleventh Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, an opponent of the Raskol (the Old Believer schism), and a founder of the Slavic Greek Latin Academy.

Born Ivan Petrovich Savelov (Иван Петрович Савелов), Joachim was of noble origin. When his family died in the 1654 epidemic, he became a monk and served in various monasteries, receiving the religious name Joachim upon his tonsure.

In 1664 Joachim was elevated to the rank of archimandrite and became hegumen (abbot) of the Chudov Monastery and in 1672 was consecrated as Metropolitan of Novgorod.[1] He was elected a Patriarch on July 26, 1674, following the death of Patriarch Pitirim. Although Joachim had participated in the council which deposed Patriarch Nikon, he continued Nikon's policies with regard to the Old Believers, and defending church authorities against the encroachments of Caesaropapism by the Tsars.


  1. Pavel Tikhomirov, Kafedra Novgorodskikh Sviatitelei (Novgorod, 1895), vol. 2. (Russian)


  • Увет духовный
  • Слово поучительное

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