His Holiness, the Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovci, Serbian Patriarch Dimitrije (Serbian: Патријарх српски Димитрије; 28 October 1846 in Požarevac, Principality of Serbia - 6 April 1930 in Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia) was the first patriarch of the reunified Serbian Orthodox Church, from 1920 until his death.[1]


Patriarch Dimitrije was born under the name Dimitrije Pavlović on 28 October 1846 in Požarevac, Serbia. He was appointed Bishop of Niš in 1884, and held that title until 1889. He then became Bishop of Šabac-Valjevo in 1898 and held that title until 1905. When Inokentije, Metropolitan of Serbia, died in 1905, Dimitrije was picked to become the next Archbishop of Belgrade and Metropolitan of Serbia. In 1920, the Patriarchate of Serbia was re-established, which caused Dimitrije to become the first patriarch of the newly re-established Patriarchate of Serbia. On 8 June 1922, he wed King Alexander I and Princess Maria of Romania in the Cathedral Church in Belgrade. Patriarch Dimitrije died on 6 April 1930 in Belgrade and was buried in the Rakovica monastery.


Preceded by
Kalinik II
Patriarch of Serbia
Succeeded by
Varnava Rosić (Barnabas)

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