Anthimus VI, (original name Joannides, c. 1790 - 1878) was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople for three periods from 1845 to 1848, from 1853 to 1855 and from 1871 to 1873. He was born in Kutali Island in the Aegean Sea and died in Kandilli.

Before becoming a Patriarch, Anthimus was a monk at the Esphigmenou monastery in Mount Athos. In 1845 he expanded the catholicon of the monastery, adding two chapels, a vestibule and a porch to it.

Preceded by
Meletius III
Germanus IV, restored
Gregory VI, restored
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by
Anthimus IV, restored
Cyril VII
Joachim II, restored

ca:Àntim VI de Constantinobleru:Анфим VI (Патриарх Константинопольский)

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