Paska is an Easter bread eaten in Eastern European countries including Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. It is also eaten in other countries with immigrant populations from Eastern Europe, including the US, Canada and the UK. Paska is made with butter, eggs, and sugar. An egg and water mixture is used as a glaze.

The Christian faithful in many Eastern Orthodox countries eat this bread during Easter. Christian symbolism is associated with features of paska type breads. The inside of paska can be a swirl of yellow and white that is said to represent the risen Christ in Christian faith, while the white represents the Holy Spirit. A version is made with maraschino cherries added to symbolize royal jewels in honor of the resurrection of Jesus.[1]

Paska is eaten with "hrudka", also called syrek, a bland sweet custard similar to cheese made from separated eggs and milk and beets mixed with horseradish (chren/hrin) and keilbasa (in Polish) or kovbasa (in Ukrainian).

Paska in the USA

Paska is believed to have been brought to the United States by Menonites, and is served in the Midwest along with other Eastern European foods such as pirogi and keilbasa sausages.[2][3]

The American paska is made from a mixture of flour, cream, sugar, eggs, butter and yeast cakes. A cheese spread made from cottage cheese and egg yolks is used. White raisins used in the U.S. are said to symbolize the "living bread coming down from heaven".[4] The bread is traditionally eaten at Easter.[5]

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