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Balmiki jayanti

Pargat Diwas in India

Pargat Diwas or (Panjabi: ਪਰਗਤ ਿਦਵਸ ) Valmiki Jayanti is the Balmiki festival that celebrates the birthday of Valmiki. It is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) of Ashwin which normally falls in September or October. Valmiki was the author of the Ramayana, and is worshipped as the avatar of God in the Balmiki faith. Valmiki is also a character in the Ramayana. He received the banished Sita into his hermitage and was a teacher to her sons Kusha and Lava. The creation of the traditional Indian epic meter called "Shaloka" is attributed to him.

On Pargat Diwas he is worshipped and his portraits are taken out in gay processions called Shobha Yatra through the main streets of the Balmiki locality. Nagar Kirtans (street devotional singing) take place during Pargat Diwas and special langars are prepared in the ashram.

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