Cardinal Camerlengo

Coat of arms of the Camerlengo during the sede vacante

Gregor XV

Gregory XV

Urban VIII

Urban VIII

The papal conclave of 1623 was the papal conclave of Cardinals called on the death of pope Gregory XV. It lasted eighteen days from 19 July 1623 to 6 August 1623 and chose Maffeo Barberini, who took office as pope Urban VIII.


The College of Cardinals was then made up of 66 members, of whom all but 12 cardinals were in Rome at the time the conclave was called, so the conclave had 54 participants, chosen by the following popes:

The conclave divided up into four factions:

  • The elderly, who had risen to cardinal even before the accession of pope Paul V
  • The prince-cardinals from the Farnese and d'Este families, as well as the cardinal of Savoy
  • The 22 to 25 Borghesiani, created by the Borghese pope Paul V
  • The Ludovisiani, the cardinal-nephews of Gregory XV and their supporters, led by Ludovico Ludovisi, initially including only 15 cardinals but later rising to 20.


Absent cardinals


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