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Papal conclave of October 10 to October 17, 1404 – the papal conclave of the time of the Great Western Schism, convened after the death of Pope Boniface IX, it elected Cardinal Cosimo Gentile Migliorati, who under the name of Innocent VII became the third pope of the Roman Obedience.

Cardinal electors

Pope Boniface IX died on October 1, 1404. At the time of his death, there were only 12 cardinals in the Roman Obedience of the Sacred College. Nine of them participated in the election of his successor:

Elector Order and titular church Elevated Elevator Notes
Angelo Acciaioli Cardinal-Priest of S. Lorenzo in Damaso 1384, December 17 Urban VI
Francesco Carbone Tomacelli, O.Cist. Cardinal-Priest of S. Susanna 1384, December 17 Urban VI Grand penitentiary; Archpriest of the patriarchal Lateran Basilica
Angelo d'Anna de Sommariva, O.S.B.Cam. Cardinal-Priest of S. Pudenziana 1384, December 17 Urban VI
Enrico Minutolo Cardinal-Priest of S. Anastasia 1389, December 18 Boniface IX Archpriest of the patriarchal Liberian Basilica; Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals
Cosimo Gentile Migliorati (elected Pope Innocent VII) Cardinal-Priest of S. Croce in Gerusalemme 1389, December 18 Boniface IX
Cristoforo Maroni Cardinal-Priest of S. Ciriaco 1389, December 18 Boniface IX Archpriest of the patriarchal Vatican Basilica
Antonio Caetani Cardinal-Priest of S. Cecilia 1402, February 27 Boniface IX
Landolfo Maramaldo Cardinal-Deacon of S. Nicola in Carcere Tulliano 1381, December 21 Urban VI
Rinaldo Brancaccio Cardinal-Deacon of SS. Vito e Modesto 1384, December 17 Urban VI

All the electors were Italians. Five of them were elevated by Pope Urban VI, and four by Boniface IX.

Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church was at that time Corrado Caraccioli, bishop of Mileto.

Absentee cardinals

Three cardinals, two created by Urban VI and one by Boniface IX, did not participate in this conclave:

Elector Order and titular church Elevated Elevator Notes
Balint Alsani Cardinal-Priest of S. Sabina 1384, December 17 Urban VI Archpriest of the Sacred College of Cardinals; Administrator of the see of Pécs
Ludovico Fieschi Cardinal-Deacon of S. Adriano 1384, December 17 Urban VI Protodeacon of the Sacred College of Cardinals; Administrator of the see of Vercelli
Baldassare Cossa Cardinal-Deacon of S. Eustachio 1402, February 27 Boniface IX Legate in Romagna and Bologna

Hungarian Alsani was the only non-Italian Cardinal in the Roman Obedience.

The election of Pope Innocent VII

Several churchmen and laymen urged "Roman" Cardinals not to elect the successor of Boniface IX and to recognise Benedict XIII of Avignon as Pope (or, at least, to wait for his death and then elect the new pope together with his adherents). Among the supporters of this point of view was Cardinal Protodeacon Ludovico Fieschi, who did not attend the conclave and later did not recognise its result.

In spite of this, nine cardinals present in Rome entered the conclave on October 10. Initially, they subscribed the conclave capitulation, which obliged elect to do everything possible (including abdication) in order to restore the unity of the Church. After seven days of deliberations Cardinal Camerlengo Cosimo Gentile Migliorati was unanimously elected pope and took the name of Innocent VII. Five days later Cardinal Fieschi officially abandoned the Roman Obedience[1] and recognised Benedict XIII as true pope, so the rite of papal coronation on November 11 was performed by the new Protodeacon Landolfo Maramaldo[2].



  • Martin Souchon: Die Papstwahlen in der Zeit des grossen Schismas, Verlag von Benno Goeritz, 1888

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