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Pao-t'ang Wu-chu or 'Bao-tang Wu-zhu' (保唐无住) (Chinese: 無住; Wu-chu; 714-774CE), head and founder of Pao-t'ang Monastery (Chinese: 保唐寺) at Chengtu, Szechwan located in south west China. Both Reverend Kim (Chin ho-shang) and Pao-t'ang Wu-chu were of the same Ch'an variety, the "East Mountain Teaching" (Chinese: tung-shan fa-men; 東 or "tung/dung" holds the semantic field "East", 山 or "saan/shan" holds the semantic field "Mountain") incorrectly known in Western scholarship with the pejorative nomenclature, "Northern School".[1]

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Further reading

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