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Pantokratoros monastery (Greek: Μονή Παντοκράτορος) is an Eastern Orthodox monastery at the monastic state of Mount Athos in Greece. It stands on the north-eastern side of the Athos peninsula, and dedicated to the Transfiguration of Our Lord. The monastery ranks seventh in the hierarchy of the Athonite monasteries.

It was founded in 1363 by the stratopedarches Alexios and the primikerios John.

The library housed c. 350 manuscripts, and 3,500 printed books. The Monastery's documents are written in Greek and Turkish. Today the monastery has about 17 monks.

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Coordinates: 40°17′00.86″N 24°15′59.58″E / 40.2835722°N 24.26655°E / 40.2835722; 24.26655bg:Пантократор (манастир)ka:პანტოკრატორის მონასტერიro:Mănăstirea Pantocrator ru:Пантократор (монастырь)

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