In Greek mythology, Pandion II (Ancient Greek: Πανδίων Β') was son and heir of Cecrops II, King of Athens. and his wife Metiadusa. He was exiled from Athens by the sons of his uncle Metion who sought to put Metion on the throne. Pandion fled to Megara where he married Pylia, daughter of King Pylas. Later, Pylas went into voluntary exile to Messenia, because he had killed his uncle, Bias. Pylas then arranged for his son-in-law to be king of Megara. Pylia bore him four sons, he became father of Aegeus, Pallas, Nisos and Lykos. When Pandion died at Megara, Nisos succeeded him as king. He had a hero shrine at Megara at the Bluff of Athene the Diver-bird. After this death, his other sons returned to Athens and drove out the sons of Metion, putting Aegeus on the throne. Some scholars believe that Pandion II was a figure invented to fill a gap in the chronology of Athens' mythical rulers. Pausanias calls him the father of Procne and Philomela, who are the daughters of Pandion I, which provides some support for this view.


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