Panaeolus africanus is a little brown mushroom which contains small amounts of the hallucinogen psilocybin. It has been found in central Africa and southern Sudan.


This is a little brown mushroom that grows on hippopotamus and elephant dung and has black spores. The cap is up to 2 cm in diameter, gray, conic, and often with scaly cracks. It is viscid when moist and the flesh is grey to white. The gills are grayish when young and turn black with a mottled appearance as the spores mature. The stem is 4 cm long by 5 mm thick, and is pruinose at the top. The spores are black, rather variable, 13 x 9 µm, and shaped like almonds. Macroscopically, this species resembles Panaeolus semiovatus var. phalaenarum.

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