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Pachus was a Nephite who was made a king over the king-men who overran Zarahemla. Pachus allied with the Lamanites to enable them to conquer the remainder of the land. Moroni responded by taking a small number of his men, raised his standard of liberty, and gathered thousands of fighters as he marched to free Zarahemla. In the Land of Gideon Moroni united his forces with those of Pahoran so that they had more men than Pachus.

In the battle Pachus was slain and Pahoran was restored to his judgment-seat. The men of Pachus received a lawful trial and were executed according to the law. The law was strictly enforced so that all those who fought against their country were put to death. Read about Pachus in Alma 61:4-8; 62:3-10.

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