Pacha Kamaq (Quechua, "Creator of the World"; also Pacha Camac, Pacha-Camak, Pacharurac and Pachirisu) was the deity worshipped in the city of Pachacamac by the Ichma.

Pacha Kamaq was believed to have created the first man and woman, but forgot to give them food and the man died. The woman cursed Pacha Kamaq, accusing him of neglect, and Pacha Kamaq made her fertile. Later Pacha Kamaq killed her son and cut the corpse into pieces, each of which became a separate fruit or vegetable plant. The woman's second son, Wichama, escaped, so Pacha Kamaq killed the woman. Wichama sought revenge and drove Pacha Kamaq into the ocean.

Tahuantinsuyu adopted Pacha Kamaq when they incorporated the Ichma into their empire. In late Inca mythology he was a son of Inti and Mama Quilla, and husband of Pachamama. The Huari, the Pachacamac empire, Chancay, Chimor and Ichma all possessed the city of Pachacamac at some point, but except for the Ichma, it is unknown if any of those peoples worshipped the deity Pacha Kamaq.


  • Lanning, Edward P., Peru before the Incas
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