Paanchi, a character in the Book of Mormon (Helaman 1:3-8), was one of the sons of Pahoran who contended for the judgement-seat of the Nephite people. He was executed c. 50 BC for plotting to seize the judgement-seat by violent rebellion.

Mormon scholars have speculated that the presence of the name "Paanchi" in the Book of Mormon indicates that claims of ancient Nubian influence in Precolumbian America (specifically, in the time of the Nubian king Paanchi) and claims of the Book of Mormon to be an authentic record from ancient America are mutually supportive. If so, this would also mean that some of the Book of Mormon people had African roots. At least three different migrations from the Old World to the Americas are described in the Book of Mormon, and this would imply that there were others of which the Nephite writers were not aware.

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