Solomon began building the temple 480 (12*40) years after the Exodus (1_kings 6). 410 years are accounted for in the book of judges. This would seem to leave 70 years to account for the wandering in the desert (40 years), Joshua's life after the conquest (unknown), and the reigns of Shamgar (unknown), Eli (40 years), Philistines (20 years), Samuel (unknown), David (40 years), and the 4 years that Solomon ruled before beginning to build the Temple.

Gideon, at the beginning of his reign, claimed that the Israelites had occupied the land of Ammon for 300 years.

enemy yrs yrs judge territory added Notes
Amorites 40 Moses Manasseh + Makir + Gad + Reuben
Adoni-zedek Joshua Judah
Aram 8 40 Othniel Ephraim
Moab 18 80 Ehud Benjamin?
Philistines?  ? Shamgar Simeon?
Jabin. King of Canaan 20 40 Deborah Naphtali + Zebulon
Midian 7 40 Gideon (Jerub-Baal, Jerub-Bosheth[1]) Asher? 7700 shekels of gold. ephod in his city Ophrah
Abimelech 3 + ? 23 + 22 Tola + Jair Issachar
Philistines & Emim 18 6 + 7 + 10 + 8 Jephthah + Ibzan + Elon + Abdon Israel had dwelt in Arnon 300 years
Philistines 40 20 Samson son of Manoah of Zorah Dan? 5? Lords of Philistines promise delilah 1100 shekels of silver
TOTALS 114 + ? 296 + ?

documentary hypothesis


Jephthah + Ibzan + Elon + Abdon


Micah of Mt Ephraim makes

carved image
melted image (200 shekels of silver out of 1100 shekels)
Makes son a priest.
Makes young sojourning levite (Samuel?) of Bethlehem-judah as his son and priest.


5 men from Zorah and Eshtoal to Micah then spy out Laish in valley by Beth-rehob.
600 men from Dan go to Kiriath-jearim (Mahaneh-dan) then go to Micah.
Priest goes with them with ephod, teraphim, and carved image

Levite sojourning in mt Ephraim

takes concubine from Bethlehem-judah.
concubine goes back to Bethlehem-judah.

Samson goes to Timnah.

Kills lion
talks with woman

returns to Timnah to take woman

takes honey from carcass
tells riddle
woman gives away secret of riddle
Samson kills 30
woman given to companion

Abdon, son of הִלֵּ֖ל Hillel, had 40 sons and 30 grandsons riding 70 donkeys
Asses of Kish father of Saul go missing

Saul goes looking for them
Saul is annointed by Samuel

Nahash attacks Jabesh-gilead

Saul defeats Nahash

Goes to Bethlehem-judah to retrieve her.

stays 5 days. leaves late 5th day.
Passes Jerusalem
Enters Gibeah at sunset.
Enters house of old man
Base fellows abuse concubine all night.
Returns home
Sends concubine into all the borders of israel

Samson returns to Timnah in wheat harvest and goes to see woman

sets fields on fire
woman and father killed
smote them

Saul in declared king in Gilgal

Wheat harvest
thunder and rain

Jonathan smites garrison in Geba

Philistine gather and encamp at Michmash

Saul offers burnt offering

Samuel, Saul, Jonathan departs Gilgal to Gibeah
No blacksmiths in Israel

Assembly of chiefs of Israel in Mizpeh

Decide to go against Gibeah (400,000 men of war)
Gibeah refuses to give over base fellows
26,000 to go to war
700 of Gibeah (left handed stone slingers)
Judah goes up first
22,000 killed first day
18,000 killed second day
Phinehas son of Eleazar son of Aaron stood before the ark
30 killed third day. Israelites retreat to Baaltamar
men in ambush smite Gibeah
18,000 killed
5,000 killed in highway
2,000 killed in Gidom
600 flee to rock of Rimmon for 4 months (100 killed?)

went to rock of Etam

Philistines go to lehi
3000 men of Judah turn Samson over to philistines
Samson slays 1000
water from rock

Jonathan & armor-bearer goes over to philistine camp

Rocky crag of Bozez and Seneh between Michmash and Gibeah
kills 20 men (1st slaughter)
great trembling

Philistines flee

Battle passes over to Beth-aven

Saul said cursed be any man that eats any food till evening

people refuse to eat honey in forest

Jonathan eats honey on rod and eyes brighten
Philistine smitten from michmash to aijalon

Build altar

men of Jabesh-gilead came not to assembly
12,000 men kill all but virgin women of Jabesh-gilead
women brought to shiloh
women given to benjamites at rock of Rimmon
Benjamites lie in wait in vineyards to take dancers at feast of the Lord
in Shiloh north of Bethel
east of highway from Bethel to Shechem
south of Lebonah

Samson goes to harlot in gaza

philistines lay in wait all night
(Samson hung on gates?)
Samson arises at midnight
carries gates to top of hill before hebron

People eat spoiled oxen with blood

Saul builds altar

Saul threatens to kill Jonathan

People protect Jonathan

Saul defeats the enemies all around

Destroys amelekites but spares Agag
Samuel hews Agag into pieces

Judges Israel 20 years

Samuel annoints David Evil spirit troubles Saul

David becomes Sauls armor-bearer

Philistines gather at Socoh of Judah

Goliath challenges Israel
David slays Goliath

Saul throws Javelin at David

Saul offers Merab to David
Saul offers Michal to David
David collects 200 foreskins of philistines as dowry

Saul orders that David be killed

Jonathan intercedes. Saul relents

Philistines attack

David defeats Philistines
Saul throws javelin at David
Michal saves David

David flees to Samuel at Ramah

They go to Naioth in Ramah

Saul sends messengers who prophesy

Saul goes and prophesies

David goes to ahimelech at Nob

Ahimelech gives David bread
Doeg gives David sword of Goliath

David goes to Achish king of Gath

feigned madness

David goes to cave Adullam

many discontents gather to him

David goes to Mizpeh of Moab.

father and mother goes there

David goes to forest of Hereth
Saul orders Doeg to kill priests
David fights philistines at Keilah

Jonathan makes covenant with David (last mention of Jonathan)
David has chance to kill Saul but doesnt

Saul embraces David

Saumel dies
David goes to Paran

Nabal and Abigail

David again has chance to kill Saul

Saul embraces David

Loves delilah in valley of Sorek (Zorah, on the border)

philistine promise delilah 1100 shekels silver
delilah cuts Samsons hair

Samson captured

Eyes put out
taken to Gaza prison house

David goes over to the philistines

dwells with Achish son of Maoch king of Gath
Achish gives David Ziklag

Philistines fight Israel at Shunem

Saul seeks a medium
David told to return to Ziklag
Amelekites had burned Ziklag and taken women prisoner
David smites Amelekites
David sends spoil to Judah

Philistines gather to great sacrifice to Dagon

Samson brought out of prison house
Samson stretches with all his might and house falls
Samson buried between Zorah and Eshtaol

Philistines defeat Israel

Jonathan killed
Saul falls on his sword
Sauls armor-bearer falls on his sword

Saul and Jonathan hung on (gates of) wall in Bethshan (Beth-shean? Beth-Dagon?)

Bethshean was formerly the land of the Perizzites
men of Jabesh-gilead take bodies to Jabesh and burn them

Judah annoints David king

Philistines gather to valley of Rephaim
David defeats philistines at Baal-perazim
YHWH breached through like breaching of waters
images are burned

Philistine gather again to valley of Repheim

David ambushing them in march

Ark brought from house of Abinadab

Uzzah touches ark and dies
Ark left at house of Obed-edom the gathite

Ark brought to city of david

  1. 2 Sam 11:21

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