Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

year place event
0 Ur Birth of Abram
 ? Ur Terah leaves Ur (which worshipped the moon God Nanna) with Abram and Lot
75 Haran (Hebron) Abram leaves Haran.
Great tree of Moreh

at Shechem (Hebron?)

Lord promised him that land.
Built altar
Canaanites were in the land.
Hills east of Bethuel
Between Bethel an Ai.
Built altar.
Call upon name of YHWH
continued toward negev
Famine Egypt said wife was sister
from place to place Lot with him.
Between Bethel and Ai.
Place of first altar
Called upon name of YHWH.
Canaanites of Perizites in the land.
Lot and Abram separate.
Lot chooses plain of Jordon toward the east and the cities of the plain near Sodom.
Lord promised Abram the land.
Descendants likened to dust
Great trees of Mamre the Amorite
(brother of Eshcol & Aner)
Build and altar
14th year of Chedorlaomer. Pursued to Dan. Routed to Hobah north of Damascus Lot rescued by Abram, Aner, Eshcol, & Mamre.
Valley of Shaveh
The kings valley
offers tenth to Melchi-zedek
After this Lord promises Abram an heir (other than Eliezer of Damascus).
Descendants likened to stars.
Heifer, goat, and ram.
Sun setting Deep sleep. Horror of darkness
prophecy of 400 year slavery. 4th generation.
Sun set and darkness fallen Blazing torch.
Land promised to Abram
In the land 10 years Hagar pregnant, flees to Lot in Sodom to avoid circumcision
Spring in the desert beside road to Shur
well, Beer Lahai Roi, between Kadesh and Bered
Angel of the Lord
Will increase your descendants beyond count
You shall name him Ishmael
You are the God who sees me
86 Ishmael born
99 Covenant
Changes name to Abraham.
Promises the land.
Sarai renamed Sarah
You will call him Isaac this time next year
Ishmael will be father of 12 rulers
On that day Ishmael and every male circumcised
Heat of the day Abrahams tent near
the Great trees of Mamre.
3 Visiters.
I will return to you this time next year and Sarah will have a son.

Sodom destroyed.

Negev between Kadesh and Shur
Tells Abimelech at Gerar that Sarah was his sister
100 Sarah gives birth to Isaac.
8 days old Circumcised Isaac
Weaned Feast/Mocking
Next morning Ishmael sent away.
Desert of Beersheba
Angel of God
Desert of Paran. Archer. Wife from Egypt
At that time Beersheba Well stolen by Abimelek
treaty of Beersheba with Abimolech
Tamarisk tree
A long time Land of the Philistines
Some time later God tell him to sacrifice Isaac on a mt in the region of Moriah (Jerusalem)
Next morning Abraham Leaves
On the third day Saw the place in the distance
Leaves the servants
Angel of the Lord
Calls that place "the Lord will provide"
Descendants likened to stars and sand
Some time later Told that Milcah bore sons to Nahor
Sarah was 127. Hebron. (Kiriath Arba) in Canaan Sarah dies.

Abraham buys cave of Machpelah & field & trees near Mamre
from Ephron the Hittite for 400 shekels of silver
Isaac comes from 'well of one who sees me'.

Abraham very old Rebekah
175. Abraham dies. buried by Isaac in cave of Machpelah at Mamre
140. Isaac, 40 yrs old, marries Rebekah
160. Jacob and Essau born when Isaac is 60 yrs old
200 Beersheba Essau, 40 yrs old, marries Judith daughter of Beeri the Hittite.

Jacob flees to Laban in Haran & begins working 7 yrs for Leah.
Essau marries Basemath daughter of Elon the Hittite.

207 Haran Jacob begin to work 7 yrs for Rachel
214 Haran Jacob begins to work 20 years for his flocks
234 Haran Jacob stays with Laban for 20 years
250 (280-30) Haran Birth of Joseph?

Jacob leaves Haran

267. Joseph, 17 yrs old, dreams.
Dothan Joseph sold to midianites then to Potiphar, captain of the guard.
280 Isaac dies.

Joseph, 30 yrs old, stands before Pharaoh.
7 years of plenty begin

287 7 Years of famine begin
290 Jacob, 130 yrs old, stands before Pharaoh (probably a Passover)

Leah Reuben! my first-born thou, My power, and beginning of my strength,

The abundance of exaltation, And the abundance of strength;
Unstable as water, thou art not abundant;
For thou hast gone up thy father's bed;
Then thou hast polluted: My couch he went up!

31 And Jehovah seeth that Leah [is] the hated one, and He openeth her womb, and Rachel [is] barren;

32 and Leah conceiveth, and beareth a son, and calleth his name Reuben, for she said, `Because Jehovah hath looked on mine affliction; because now doth my husband love me.'

33 And she conceiveth again, and beareth a son, and saith, `Because Jehovah hath heard that I [am] the hated one, He also giveth to me even this [one];' and she calleth his name Simeon.

34 And she conceiveth again, and beareth a son, and saith, `Now [is] the time, my husband is joined unto me, because I have born to him three sons,' therefore hath [one] called his name Levi.

35 And she conceiveth again, and beareth a son, and saith this time, `I praise Jehovah;' therefore hath she called his name Judah; and she ceaseth from bearing.

Simeon and Levi [are] brethren! Instruments of violence -- their espousals!

Into their secret, come not, O my soul!
Unto their assembly be not united, O mine honour;
For in their anger they slew a man, And in their self-will eradicated a prince.
Cursed [is] their anger, for [it is] fierce, And their wrath, for [it is] sharp;
I divide them in Jacob, And I scatter them in Israel.

Judah! thou -- thy brethren praise thee!

Thy hand [is] on the neck of thine enemies,
Sons of thy father bow themselves to thee.
A lion's whelp [is] Judah, For prey, my son, thou hast gone up;
He hath bent, he hath crouched as a lion, And as a lioness; who causeth him to arise?
The sceptre turneth not aside from Judah, And a lawgiver from between his feet,
Till his Seed come; And his [is] the obedience of peoples.
Binding to the vine his ass, And to the choice vine the colt of his ass,
He hath washed in wine his clothing, And in the blood of grapes his covering;
Red [are] eyes with wine, And white [are] teeth with milk!

Leah Issacher [is] a strong ass, Crouching between the two folds;

And he seeth rest that [it is] good, And the land that [it is] pleasant,
And he inclineth his shoulder to bear, And is to tribute a servant.

17 And God hearkeneth unto Leah, and she conceiveth, and beareth to Jacob a son, a fifth,

18 and Leah saith, `God hath given my hire, because I have given my maid-servant to my husband;' and she calleth his name Issachar.

19 And conceive again doth Leah, and she beareth a sixth son to Jacob,

20 and Leah saith, `God hath endowed me -- a good dowry; this time doth my husband dwell with me, for I have borne to him six sons;' and she calleth his name Zebulun;

21 and afterwards hath she born a daughter, and calleth her name Dinah.

Zebulun at a haven of the seas doth dwell, And he [is] for a haven of ships;

And his side [is] unto Zidon.

Zilpah Gad! a troop assaulteth him, But he assaulteth last.

9 And Leah seeth that she hath ceased from bearing, and she taketh Zilpah her maid-servant, and giveth her to Jacob for a wife;

10 and Zilpah, Leah's maid-servant, beareth to Jacob a son,

11 and Leah saith, `A troop is coming;' and she calleth his name Gad.

12 And Zilpah, Leah's maid-servant, beareth a second son to Jacob,

13 and Leah saith, `Because of my happiness, for daughters have pronounced me happy;' and she calleth his name Asher.

14 And Reuben goeth in the days of wheat-harvest, and findeth love-apples in the field, and bringeth them in unto Leah, his mother, and Rachel saith unto Leah, `Give to me, I pray thee, of the love-apples of thy son.'

15 And she saith to her, `Is thy taking my husband a little thing, that thou hast taken also the love-apples of my son?' and Rachel saith, `Therefore doth he lie with thee to-night, for thy son's love-apples.'

16 And Jacob cometh in from the field at evening; and Leah goeth to meet him, and saith, `Unto me dost thou come in, for hiring I have hired thee with my son's love-apples;' and he lieth with her during that night.

Out of Asher his bread [is] fat; And he giveth dainties of a king.
Rachel Joseph [is] a fruitful son; A fruitful son by a fountain, Daughters step over the wall;

And embitter him -- yea, they have striven, Yea, hate him do archers;
And his bow abideth in strength, And strengthened are the arms of his hands By the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob,
Whence is a shepherd, a son of Israel.
By the God of thy father who helpeth thee, And the Mighty One who blesseth thee,
Blessings of the heavens from above, Blessings of the deep lying under, Blessings of breasts and womb; --
Thy father's blessings have been mighty Above the blessings of my progenitors,
Unto the limit of the heights age-during They are for the head of Joseph,
And for the crown of the one Separate [from] his brethren.

22 And God remembereth Rachel, and God hearkeneth unto her, and openeth her womb,

23 and she conceiveth and beareth a son, and saith, `God hath gathered up my reproach;'

24 and she calleth his name Joseph, saying, `Jehovah is adding to me another son.'

Benjamin! a wolf teareth; In the morning he eateth prey, And at evening he apportioneth spoil.'
Bilhah Dan doth judge his people, As one of the tribes of Israel;

Dan is a serpent by the way, An adder by the path,
Which is biting the horse's heels, And its rider falleth backward.
For Thy salvation I have waited, Jehovah!


1And Rachel seeth that she hath not borne to Jacob, and Rachel is envious of her sister, and saith unto Jacob, `Give me sons, and if there is none -- I die.'

2 And Jacob's anger burneth against Rachel, and he saith, `Am I in stead of God who hath withheld from thee the fruit of the womb?'

3 And she saith, `Lo, my handmaid Bilhah, go in unto her, and she doth bear on my knees, and I am built up, even I, from her;'

4 and she giveth to him Bilhah her maid-servant for a wife, and Jacob goeth in unto her;

5 and Bilhah conceiveth, and beareth to Jacob a son,

6 and Rachel saith, `God hath decided for me, and also hath hearkened to my voice, and giveth to me a son;' therefore hath she called his name Dan.

7 And Bilhah, Rachel's maid-servant, conceiveth again, and beareth a second son to Jacob,

8 and Rachel saith, `With wrestlings of God I have wrestled with my sister, yea, I have prevailed;' and she calleth his name Napthali.

Naphtali [is] a hind sent away, Who is giving beauteous young ones.

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