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Kings of Edom

genesis 36
king son of from city notes
Bela (Balaam?) Beor Dinhabah
Jobab Zerah Bozrah
Husham Land of Teman
Hadad Bedad Avith smote Midian in the field of Moab
Samlah Masrekah
Shaul Rehoboth[1] on the river
Baal-Hanan Achbor married Mehetable
daughter of Matred
daughter of Me-Zahab
Hadad Pau
  1. Genesis 26:22 (YLT)
    22And he removeth from thence, and diggeth another well, and they have not striven for it, and he calleth its name Rehoboth (Enlargements), and saith, `For -- now hath Jehovah given enlargement to us, and we have been fruitful in the land.'

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