Bhaini Sahib Ludhiana

This is the centre of Kuka movement. Their leader Guru Ram Singh Ji who anticipated the Non-cooperation Movement of Mahamta Gandhi and the Kukas had a leading role in India's freedom struggle. They are also called Namdharis. They had fought valiantly against the British and a large number of them died fighting at Amritsar and Malerkotla. They also oppose cow sacrifice.

Radha Soami Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, Beas (54 km east of Amritsar)

Beas is the headquarters of a large and still expanding sect of Radha Soami. Baba Jaimal Singh had established his Dera after coming from Agra. Radha Soamis from all parts of the world come here to imbibe teachings from the living master. The well-organised Dera is also famous for its state-of -the-art Hospital.

Swetamber Jain Temple, ZIRA, Ferozpur

Founded in 1890, this temple has many ancient idols. The main idol is the oldest and others are more than 1,200 years old.

Buddhist Caves, Doong, Gurdaspur

Situated midway between Shahpur Kandi and Dhar, these ancient caves are yet unexplored.

Catholic Cathedral, Jalandhar Cantt

The rare Cathedral initiated by representative of His Holiness, the Pope is the only one of its kind in the East. Its cosmo-cultural design is a tribute to the Punjabi tradition.

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