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Hebrew אוֹרְטַל
Founded 1978
Council Golan Regional Council
Region Golan Heights
District North
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Coordinates 33°5′6″N 35°45′41″E / 33.085°N 35.76139°E / 33.085; 35.76139Coordinates: 33°5′6″N 35°45′41″E / 33.085°N 35.76139°E / 33.085; 35.76139
Population 243 (2006)

Ortal (Hebrew: אוֹרְטַל‎) is an Israeli settlement, kibbutz, in the northern Golan Heights which lies in the municipal territory of the Golan Regional Council.

Ortal is one of the oldest and most established kibbutzim in the Golan, and is situated in the middle of the plateau, about 20 kilometers northeast of Katzrin.[1] Its vineyard produces chardonnay, cabernet, and merlot grapes, and is part of the Golan Winery.[2]

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