Orosh Abbey (also known as Mirditë Abbey or St. Alexander Oroshi) was a territorial Benedictine abbey in Orosh, Albania, now destroyed, dedicated to the martyr St. Alexander.

By papal decree of 25 October, 1888, this abbey with its two affiliated parishes, together with five other parishes in the Diocese of Lezhë (Alessio, Lješ) were removed from the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Lezhë.

In 1890 three parishes from the Diocese of Sapë were added, and in 1894 five more parishes from Lezhë.

When Albania was still part of the Ottoman Balkanic dominions in Europe, the region was inhabited by Muslims, Greek Orthodox and Catholics. In the early 20th century the Catholics numbered 16,550 and are under the care of secular and regular clergy. The abbot was chosen from among the secular clergy. The abbot, Mgr. Primus Docchi, who resided at Oroshi was born at Bulgri, 7 February 1846, and studied at the Propaganda College in Rome. The Franciscans had a parish and a hospital at Gomsice.


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