According to the Book of Mormon, Orihah was a Jaredite who lived in the Americas shortly after the confounding of the languages at the Tower of Babel. His father was Jared, and he had three brothers, Jacom, Gilgah, and Mahah.

His people, called the Jaredites, desired to have a king from Jared and his brother's sons[1], and would have liked Pagag, the eldest son of the brother of Jared[2], to be king. But he would not and the people were ready to make him regardless of his wishes, but Jared commanded that they not constrain any to be their king [2]. They went through all his brothers sons and finally came to the last son of the four of Jared, Orihah. He took the throne, making him the first king of the Jaredites. Under him the people prospered and he was proported to be righteous execute justice even after Jared and his brother died, for the rest of his life[3][4]. His had thirty-one children, among which were twenty-three sons. After the death of Orihah his son Kib, born to him in his old age, reigned in his stead [5]. It is through his line that Ether, the last prophet of the Jaredites, was descended[6], thus indicating his royal lineage.


Mahonri Moriancumer

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