Oriens Christianus  
Abbreviated title(s) OC
Discipline Eastern Christianity
Language Various
Edited by Anton Baumstark
Publication details
Publisher Harrassowitz Verlag (Germany)
Publication history 1901 -
ISSN 0340-6407
OCLC 1642167

Oriens Christianus (Oriens Christ) is an academic journal established in 1901 by Otto Harrassowitz with Asian and Oriental Studies as the major focus. It was edited by Anton Baumstark (1872-1948).[1]

  • First Series 1901-1911
  • New Series 1911-1924
  • Third Series 1921-1939
  • Fourth Series 1953-


  1. S. P. Brock (1973). "Reviews". The Journal of Theological Studies XXIV (1): pp.237–238. doi:10.1093/jts/XXIV.1.237. 

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