Ordinary and extraordinary ministers of the sacraments

Ministers of sacraments in the Catholic Church
Sacrament Ordinary ministers Extraordinary ministers
Baptism Clergyman (bishop, priest or deacon)); but reserved normally to the parish priest.[1]
  • Laity delegated by the bishop.[2]
  • In case of necessity: Anyone (baptized or unbaptized) who has the required intention, which is the will to do what the Church does when she baptizes.[3]
Confirmation Bishop or (in Eastern Churches and in Western Church during Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) priest. (in Western Church) priest given faculty by law, special grant, or emergency circumstances.
  • Consecration: None
  • Distribution of Holy Communion (licit only if not enough clergy): Instituted acolyte or another lay person delegated by the diocesan bishop or, in special cases, authorized by the priest presiding at Mass[4]
  • Exposition: Instituted acolyte; extraordinary minister of Holy Communion or another person deputed by the local Ordinary
Penance Bishop or priest None
Anointing of the Sick Bishop or priest None
Holy Orders Bishop (for liceity, at least three at an episcopal ordination) Episcopal ordinations may proceed with just one consecrating bishop, formal dispensation from the Pope required. In the Eastern Churches, an Archimandrite may admit his subjects to minor orders.
Matrimony Husband and wife for each other (Western tradition; clergy (bishop, priest, or deacon) with proper jurisdiction act as witnesses necessary for validity); officiating priest (Eastern tradition) Requirement of clergy witness, necessary for validity, may be dispensed from and another witness substituted, as in a mixed marriage (i.e. one party is a non-Catholic; with dispensation, a Protestant minister, Orthodox priest or other clergy, for instance)

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