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Region West Bank
District Judea and Samaria Area
Government Local council (from 1990)
Hebrew אֳרָנִית, אורנית
Population 6,000 (2007)
Head of municipality Shumi Langer
Founded in 1982
Coordinates 32°7′45.5″N 34°59′42.76″E / 32.129306°N 34.9952111°E / 32.129306; 34.9952111Coordinates: 32°7′45.5″N 34°59′42.76″E / 32.129306°N 34.9952111°E / 32.129306; 34.9952111

Oranit (Hebrew: אֳרָנִית‎) is an Israeli settlement and local council located off Highway 5 adjacent to Kafr Qasim, north of Rosh HaAyin on the western edge of the West Bank. On the Seam Zone, a sizable amount of the town's land is located within the Green Line.

As of 2007, Oranit has a population of over 6000.[1] in about 1400 families.

Oranit is ranked high on the Israeli socio-economic scales, at 8/10.[2]

The town, built by a private initiative called the 'Delta Company', was first settled in 1985. In 1990, it achieved Local Council status. The name Oranit comes from the pine trees of the Horashim Forest lining the western side of the town.


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