(By Graham Llewellyn Grove)

One week can change the world

It was heaven, now its hell

You had your dreams and had made your plans

Everything was going so well

You were so care free before

Now it seems there's nothing more

You thought you couldn't bear

Not knowing what was there

But now you know how can you cope

Now it seems that there's no hope

One week can change the world

A single fact can change you girl

No where to run, no where to hide

This grows within, it's deep inside

You can't deny it, you know it's true

You know death's coming and there's nothing you can do

One week can change the world

A single death can change you girl

No need to run, no need to hide

He comes within, he lives inside

He won't deny you, just believe he's true

Your life's eternal and there's nothing you need to do

These seven days, Jesus wept too

These seven days, he's wept with you

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