The term Omrides refers to Omri and his descendants (particularly Ahab), who were according to the Bible as well as a number of other archaeological remains kings of ancient Israel. According to Israel Finklestein's, The Bible Unearthed the Omrides are the people actually responsible for the great empire, magnificent palaces, wealth, and peace in Israel and Judah that the bible claims were due to the kings David and Solomon. The reason for this discrepancy is thought to be the religious prejudice of the biblical authors—the Omrides were polytheist and supported elements of the pan-semitic (i.e. Canaanite) religion.

Though the Bible claims that Jehu destroyed the Omrides, killing the surviving members in a coup, a number of scholars believe that Jehu was himself an Omride; this position is due to a number of textual curiosities in the similarity between the Omride family tree and that of Jehu, as well as the fact that the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser, an archaeological remain dating from times contemporary with Jehu, claims that Jehu is an Omride[1].


  1. Jewish Encyclopedia

The Jewish Encyclopedia does not use the term Omrides. Additionally, The Encyclopedia was written before Israel Finklestein's book and does not in any way support his theory.

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