Olam ha-zeh (Hebrew: עולם הזה‎, "this world") is a concept of the real world in Judaism and classical Jewish theology. "Olam hazeh" means the everyday world of that we live in. The world that has ups and downs, sickness and health, and a myriad of imperfections. The olam appears with the Jewish sages of the Second Temple period, and they distinguish between two types of olam: olam ha-zeh (this world) and Olam Haba ("the world to come" or "the coming world".)[1]

Jewish theology maintains that olam ha-zeh was formed a few thousands of years ago, and which is the time between Adam's fall and the coming of Jewish Messiah, is bound to pass, to be replaced by olam haba, the world to come.


  1. Naomi Pasachoff Basic Judaism for Young People: God 1987 p91 OLAM HAZEH. OLAM HABA 91 WHAT'S YOUR OPINION? For many Jews, Olam HaZeh was only like the hall leading into a room where a great party was taking place. The main event for them was Olam HaBa. This was especially true for Jews who lived ...

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