O the Hope of Israel, the Saviour Thereof

"O the Hope of Israel, the Savior Thereof" is a hymn written by John Wesley.


HOPE of Thy church and Savior, hear!

In all our pass'd distresses near,

In all our faith's decays,

Why shouldst Thou at a distance stand,

Now as a stranger in the land,

And hide thine angry face?

Or if Thy people to revive,

Thy Spirit doth for a season strive,

And visit us in love,

Why dost Thou vanish from our sight,

A guest that tarrieth but a night,

Impatient to remove?

Canst Thou at sin be astonish'd be,

At Israel's incredulity,

And not know what to do?

Why should Omnipotence give place,

Or cease its miracles of grace,

In such a land to show?

Yet in the midst of us Thou art,

Thou dost in many an humble heart

Thy gracious way maintain,

Our candlestick is not removed;

Thy name is still by those approved

Who bear Thy name in vain.

Thee in our creeds we still confess,

Hold fast our form of godliness,

And search Thy written word;

Ah! do not, Lord our nation leave.

Till with Thy Spirit we receive

A power to call thee Lord.

Confirm in our degenerate days

And perfect Thine own work of grace

But now again begun,

Still with our favour'd nation stay,

Till every island flee away

Before thine azure throne.



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