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Nykyta Budka<tr><td> Born</td><td> Dobromirka, Galicia</td></tr><tr><td>Died</td><td>1 October 1949, Karaganda, Kazakh SSR</td></tr><tr><td>Means of martyrdom</td>

<td>Gulag</td></tr><tr><td>Beatified</td> <td>27 June 2001, Ukraine by Pope John Paul II</td></tr>

Blessed Nykyta Budka (June 7, 1877, Dobromirka, October 1, 1949, Karaganda, Kazakh SSR.) was the first Ukrainian Canadian bishop of what is now the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg. His first name is sometimes written as Nikita or Mykyta.

He was born in a village in Zbarazh, then part of Galicia, in 1877. Budka was ordained as a priest in L'viv, Ukraine in 1905. He was appointed the Bishop for Canada on July 15, 1912 and consecrated on October 14 that year. In 1927, he returned to Ukraine and became vicar general of the Metropolitan Curia in L'viv. He opposed the separation of the Ukrainian Catholic Church from Rome, and for this he was imprisoned on April 11, 1945 along with other bishops. [1] He died in in the Gulag on October 1, 1949.

Budka was beatified as a martyr on June 27, 2001 by Pope John Paul II.


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