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Abbazia di Novalesa

Novalesa Abbey (Abbazia di Novalesa) is a Benedictine monastery in Piedmont, Italy. It was founded in 726, and was dedicated to St Peter and St Andrew[1].

Novalesa is in the Val di Susa, on the route to the Mont Cenis Pass. The founder, Abbo of Provence, was a local Frankish governor.[2] The Abbey was on the Via Francigena, a major pilgrimage road[3]. The founding monks are thought to have come from the Grenoble region[4]. It was endowed by Charlemagne and Louis the Pious. The first phase of the Abbey's history came to an end when it was destroyed by Saracen raiders in 906.[5]

Restorations have gone on, over the past three centuries. The Abbey is a current Benedictine monastery.[6]

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