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Hebrew נוֹב
Name meaning Named after previous location
Founded 1972–73
Council Golan Heights
Region Golan Heights
Coordinates 32°49′57″N 35°46′59.15″E / 32.8325°N 35.7830972°E / 32.8325; 35.7830972Coordinates: 32°49′57″N 35°46′59.15″E / 32.8325°N 35.7830972°E / 32.8325; 35.7830972

Neot Golan (Hebrew: נוֹב‎ is an Israeli settlement, religious moshav, in the southern Golan Heights, under the administration of Israel. The settlement was built in 1974. It falls under the municipal jurisdiction of the Golan Regional Council.

Nov is named after a village on the site mentioned in the Jerusalem Talmud. The Arabs residing in the area called it Nab.[1]


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