Klášter Nový Dvůr - okres Karlovy Vary - Karlovarský kraj - Česká republika

Monastery of Nový Dvůr

The Monastery of Nový Dvůr is the only monastery of the Trappist Order in the Czech Republic, located near Toužim in the Karlovy Vary Region, close to the Premonstratensian monastery of Teplá.

The monastery originated from a dilapidated Baroque farm (Nový Dvůr means literally "the New Yard"), that was partially reconstructed and mostly replaced by a modern construction according to a project of British architect John Pawson. It was established in August 2002 as a daughter house of the Sept-Fons Abbey, France. In September 2004 the monastery church was dedicated to Our Lady.[1]

As of 2009, the monastery is a home of about twenty monks, who manufacture several products: face cream "Crème Réparatrice" with an extract of corn sprouts, linden and orange tree with ECOCERT certification; four sorts of mustard (two are produced via organic farming), which are sold next to Czech Republic also in France, Germany, Austria and Hungary. The recipes of both products were created by monks in Nový Dvůr and the other products of Nový Dvůr such as jam, coffee and dietary supplements originate from their home monastery Sept-Fons Abbey in France.[1]


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Coordinates: 49°59′05″N 12°59′05″E / 49.98472°N 12.98472°E / 49.98472; 12.98472

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