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Noul Neamţ (Romanian; Russian: Ново-Нямецкий, Novo-Nyametsky) is an all-male monastery located in Chiţcani, near Tighina, geographically in Basarabia but controlled by the breakaway Transnistrian authorities. It is also known as Mănastirea Chiţcani (Russian: Kitskani Monastery), and it is the biggest religious complex under the control of Transnistrian authorities.


Carving in a tree on the territory of the monastery

The name (which means "New Neamţ" in English) signifies that the monastery is a successor of the Neamţ Monastery in Romania (medieval Moldavia).

The monastery was founded in 1861, when several monks from the Neamţ monastery in Romania left and founded Noul-Neamţ in Chiţcani. The founding of the new monastery was a protest against the measures taken in Romania to confiscate monastery estates and forbid the usage of Slavonic language in worship.[1]

On 16 May 1962 Soviet authorities closed the monastery; the buildings became a hospital.

The monastery church was reopened in 1989, followed in 1991 by the Romanian-language school for Orthodox priests.[2]


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