The Norwegian Missionary Society (Template:Lang-no, NMS) is a Norwegian missionary organization.

It was started by a group of approx 180 people in the town of Stavanger in Norway in August 1842. The goal was to spread the Christian religion to other peoples, mainly in Africa. Hans Paludan Smith Schreuder became the first emissary, leaving for Zululand in 1843.

NMS currently has emissaries in 13 countries or regions: Estonia, France, Croatia, Cameroon, Mali, Ethiopia, South Africa, Madagascar, Brazil, Pakistan, China, Thailand and Japan. The society also works with the Middle East through satellite TV, since it is illegal to build churches in most of the countries there.

The current board chairperson is Kari Sørheim, who won a vote against Kjell Erfjord in 2008.[1] Secretary-general is Kjetil Aano.


  1. "Sørheim ny NMS-leder" (in Norwegian). Stavanger Aftenblad: pp. 3. 12 July 2008. 

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