Norviliskiu pilis.Norviliškės Castle

Norviliškės Castle

Norviliškės Castle (a former monastery, also called Norviliškės Manor) is a Renaissance style castle in Norviliškės, Lithuania. The Norviliškės Castle is first mentioned in 1586. In 1617 the owners denated part of the real estate land to Franciscans. Around 1745 they built a monastery and a church in Renaissance style. The monastery was reconstructed at the end of the 18th century by Kazimieras Kaminskis.[1] After the November Uprising of 1831, Russian authorities closed the monastery and turned it into barracks for soldiers, and later to a boarding school for girls. The Church of St. Mary Compassionate Mother was closed at the same time as the monastery. A new wooden church was built in 1929.

For a long time the former manor stood abandoned. In 2005, reconstruction was started by an enterprenour, Giedrius Klimkevičius, from Vilnius. The project is supported by funds from the PHARE program. The hopes are that the Norviliškės Castle will become a tourist attraction. It offers hosting for business conferences or weddings, hunting, shooting practices, and other activities, including music festivals.

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Coordinates: 54°14′11″N 25°46′54″E / 54.23639°N 25.78167°E / 54.23639; 25.78167Template:Lithuania-struct-stub

lt:Norviliškių pilis

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