The Magisterium of the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church!

The term Magisterium refers to the teaching authority of the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, The Body of Christ. The word Magisterium is derived from the Latin , 'Magistra', which originally meant the office of a president, chief, director or superintendant  etc,. In particular it refers to the office of instructor of youth, tutorship or guardianship. In the Catholic Church it is held by the bishops collectively and is expressed at its most solemn through the deliberations and pronouncements of the Seven Ecumenical Councils of the first thousand years. Following the statement of the Council of Jerusalem 69 AD., the Bishops are considered to be guided by the help and intervention of the Holy Ghost> (Acts.)

'The Catholic Religion is the Revelation of Christ revealed to the Holy People of God and delivered to the Apostles and Saints. This has been recorded in Scripture, "interpreted, explained, interpreted and completed by Holy Tradition", that is the Catholic Bishops in Synod through the Seven Councils. This is the faith of the Church in England and the Anglican fathers of the first thousand years. Before the Council of Whitby 664 AD, (At least one British Bishop is claimed to have been at the Ist Ecumenical Council of Niceae. 325 AD.) right through the reformation the Church affirmed its belief and agreement and goes on doing so today! Surprisingly S. Thomas More agreed with the supremacy of the Councils over the papacy as did Cranmer and Ridley.  The Anglican Church, reaffirmed its position in this area by asserting the supremacy of the First Four Council's and 'such other councils as necessary', which meant in the quaint phraseology of those times, the Seven Ecumenical Councils , this took place in 1536/42 and 1752. Parliament in 1559, at the height of the reformation in Eliza's reign passed an Act stating that heresy must be judged in relation to the afore said councils. This at a time when both Church & State were under attack from both, Roman and Calvinist Dissenters!

Bishop Field, in his classic publication,'Of the Church,', a 17th, Century masterpiece described the Seven Councils as the,' highest level of jurisdiction in the Church.'  Going on to say,'They have supreme power, that is the bishops assembled in a general Council may interpret scripture and by their authority suppress all them that shall disobey!'

This is our Faith and Tradition and was made law by by antiquity and consent.

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