Noam Pikelny is a Jewish American banjoist and singer famous for being one of the members of Leftover Salmon. He is also a member of the "American country-classical chamber music" group Punch Brothers.


When Leftover Salmon's original banjoist, Mark Vann, lost his battle with cancer in 2002, Pikelny filled in for Vann. After three years of playing with the band, the band members decided to go their separate ways. He also played with the John Cowan Band from 2004 until 2006, when the Punch Brothers formed. Chris Thile of Nickel Creek was planning to form a string quintet, but did not know what direction he wanted to take it, except that he wanted it to include his fiddler, Gabe Witcher. After Thile had a jam session with Witcher, Pikelny, bassist Greg Garrison (Pikelny's fellow Leftover Salmon bandmate) and guitarist Chris Eldridge, he decided he wanted the band to be a bluegrass quintet. The band got the name "How to Grow a Band" in 2006, and released How to Grow a Woman from the Ground in September of that year. After on and off touring throughout 2007 coinciding with Nickel Creek's Farewell (For Now) Tour, the band's name was changed to the "Tensions Mountain Boys," and subsequently to Punch Brothers (borrowed from a short story by Mark Twain). Punch Brothers released an album on Nonesuch Records on February 26, 2008.

Pikelny currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.



  • In The Maze (2004)

Leftover Salmon

Year Title Label
2002 Live Compass
2004 Leftover Salmon Compendia

Punch Brothers

Year Title Label
2006 How to Grow a Woman from the Ground Sugar Hill
2008 Punch Nonesuch


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